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3/8/2017"Sport for All" Photo Contest Result

9/6/2017Press Release

6/6/2017Lucky Draw Result

3/6/2017"60 sec 3-point Shooter" is changed the position in the Banyan Court.

27/5/2017Lucky Draw detail

23/5/2017“Sport for All” Photo Contest register

22/5/2017Fitathlon – Fitness Challenge register

18/5/2017「60 minutes about Running 」register

16/5/2017Go Fit Training workshop register

16/5/2017Yoga experience workshop register

16/5/2017Sports Talent Identification Test register

12/5/2017Table Tennis Challenge register

9/5/201760sec 3-point shooter register

6/5/2017Pre-Registration of Admission Pass

4/3/2017Samsung 60th Festival of Sport Commences